Effectively measure, monitor and manage your commodity position.

Who We Serve: Coal, Gas Fired Simple, Gas Fired Combined, Gas Fired Cogen, Wind, Solar, Battery Storage, Hydro, Pumped Hydro, Electricity Consumers

Portfolio Management

URICA’s unique approach to Portfolio Management is based on discipline, proactive planning, and ongoing monitoring. URICA Energy Management works with energy consumers and energy producers to protect against commodity-associated price risks that can impact business profitability.

Across all major commodities, we are proactive in monitoring any changes in a client’s energy consumption/generation, exposure to price risk, sources of physical supply, and contractual obligations. This allows us to protect against commodity market volatility – and turn risk into opportunity.

With a complex array of choices, URICA works with clients to build a strategic plan that will clearly identify options that will either produce the highest returns or stabilize consumption costs: all while reducing exposure to market risk.

Energy Commodity Positions

Portfolio management begins with developing a firm understanding of your commodity position. Regardless of whether you are long or short electricity, natural gas, or any other energy commodity, URICA uses an integrated approach to direct your energy portfolio with greater insight and discipline.

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Multi-Commodity
  • Renewables

We implement policies and processes to effectively address the physical supply and price risk of fuel exposure, resulting in flexibility to manage and control expenses. Our commodity position management is tailored to each client’s business model and unique needs.

Carbon Positions

Industrial entities in Canada are required to manage their carbon emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPPA) implemented through the Output-Based Pricing System Regulations (OBPS). In Alberta, emissions are handled through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Regulation (TIER).

URICA provides assistance to the quantification of carbon exposure, assessment of emission standards, elaboration of methods to manage both physical and financial exposure, establishment of a plan of action, execution of competitive auctions for position coverage (long or short), and ongoing reporting.

If your organization is in need of Offsets or have some to sell, simply let us know the quantity, term, and your bid or offer price. URICA will attempt to connect you with a prospective counterparty through our extensive network. URICA is also able to assist in negotiations, enablement, papering the transaction, and other aspects of the purchase and sale or ongoing position management.

Hedging & Procurement

What sets URICA apart is our ability to directly access the OTC trading and wholesale forward markets to seek viable indicative bids and executable transactions. By leveraging our counterparty relationships and contract knowledge, we can negotiate competitive prices to economically maximize your energy position.

Because we are an active participant in the market, we continuously monitor price movements and trends and are able to identify favorable price opportunities for our clients. And, URICA itself does not hold an energy position – ensuring there are no conflicts of interest in your supply procurement process.

Policy & Documentation

URICA will increase an organization’s understanding of energy risk. We provide support and tangibility to your energy management, and help you create corporate policy and documented processes to match your energy goals. This way, any unfavorable business event risk can be mitigated through concrete policy that has been pre-approved by senior management.