7x24x365 management of facility output in coordination with electric system operator.

Who We Serve: Coal, Gas Fired Simple, Gas Fired Combined, Gas Fired Cogen, Wind, Solar, Battery Storage, Hydro, Pumped Hydro

Facility Dispatch

In Alberta and Ontario’s deregulated power markets, energy is dispatched through a real-time energy market. Dedicated hourly power dispatching is necessary to participate in the market by adjusting generation output or load usage based on instruction from the independent system operator (ISO). URICA’s Facility Dispatch services gives you the ability to respond and adjust on a 7x24x365 basis.

Employing URICA for professional facility dispatch services will allow you to streamline facility operations to realize cost savings, performance optimization, and to promote operational excellence.

Because URICA does not hold a generation position, we are one of the only companies able to provide unbiased and fair dispatching of power assets across our entire client base.

URICA complies with all AESO and IESO and regulatory related requirements for provision of facility dispatch services to multiple clients and establishes documentation, audit detail, and regular reporting to the regulatory entities in Alberta and Ontario to ensure ongoing alignment with anti-collusion regulations.

Dispatch Services

Active and operational for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, URICA’s Real Time Desk offers monitoring, dispatch receipt, correspondence, and output instruction services for any asset operating in the Alberta and Ontario electricity markets.

In Alberta, URICA meets AESO Rule Section 502.4 Automated Dispatch & Messaging System (ADaMS) Requirements Subsection 4(1)ADaMS must be continuously operational and monitored 24/7.

Rather than supervise, schedule, and pay for fully staffed and underutilized dispatch operations, leverage URICA to manage your facility output as a cost effective solution.

Allow facility personnel to focus on core competencies by depending on URICA to administer commercial instructions, direct facility output, and handle essential regulatory correspondence. Communication to and from the ISO can be entrusted to our professional and trained operations staff.

Renewable Generation

As part of Alberta’s Renewable Energy Act, in order for renewable power generators to operate within Alberta’s power market structure, they are required to maintain the ability to respond and adjust to dispatches on a 7x24x365 basis in order to be complaint with ISO rules.

ISO requirements for renewable generators:
ISO Rule 202.5 Dispatching the Markets – Allows for the ISO to issue directives, including shutting down generating units to ensure system reliability.
ISO Rule 304.3 Wind and Solar Ramp Up Management – The ISO must, if the energy market merit order provisions of the ISO rules are insufficient to manage the ramp up of the total real power output from all wind and solar aggregated generating facilities limit the total Alberta real power output, and specify a wind and solar aggregated generating facilities power limit pro rata share for each of the wind and solar aggregated generating facilities.
ISO Rule 304.9 Wind and Solar Aggregated Generating Facility Forecasting – The legal owner of a wind or solar generating facility must provide the ISO as soon as practicable, in writing:

a) A description of the cause of any unavailability, suspected failure or data error reported.

b) In the event of an equipment failure, a plan acceptable to the ISO to repair the equipment, including testing; and

c) In the event of an equipment failure, the expected date when the equipment will be repaired and the required measurements will be restored.

URICA can enable renewable generators to be compliant within the ISO rules while realizing the cost savings and performance optimization expected from utilizing our 7x24x365 facility dispatching service.

Energy Offers & Bids

AESO and IESO market participants must submit energy supply offers and demand bids using each market’s respective energy offer submission systems. Around the clock, URICA’s Real Time Desk can proactively navigate clients’ energy offer instructions to the energy market on their behalf, by coordinating submissions, timing, constraints and obligations.


URICA’s Real Time Desk is readily available to assess, draft and transmit energy restatements in response to operational changes directly to the ISO. With uninterrupted service, take advantage of URICA’s operations to handle your energy asset’s required restatement submissions; availability and offer, offer price and volume, operational constraints, and force majeure.

Regulatory Communications

The complexities of understanding prevalent regulations and ISO procedures can be a burden on any electricity market participant. Properly documented processes and market activity are fundamental to skillfully navigating regulatory rules and preserving compliance. URICA’s expertise in ISO rules and procedures bring substantial benefit to asset owners that want to focus on operational performance and elevating their business.