Commercial optimization of energy assets and exposures.

Who We Serve: Coal, Gas Fired Simple, Gas Fired Combined, Gas Fired Cogen, Wind, Solar, Battery Storage, Hydro, Pumped Hydro, Electricity Consumers

Asset Optimization

URICA Asset Optimization can improve your return on investment by strategically managing the commercial aspects of power assets in a seamlessly integrated manner.

Commercial optimization in deregulated electricity markets can be cost effective and profitable. Start by assessing the possibilities available for each asset, whether a gas based facility or renewable energy source, we help you build a custom strategic optimization plan.

To mitigate inefficiencies using generation or load management strategies to manage your unique operations, URICA can show you how to adjust for peaks and shift your exposure to more favorable and competitive options. Add value to your business by identifying the most advantageous way to commercialize and get the most out of your energy asset.

URICA complies with all AESO and IESO regulatory related requirements for provision of commercial services to multiple clients and establishes documentation, audit detail, and regular reporting to market regulatory entities to ensure ongoing alignment with anti-collusion regulations.

Energy Offer Strategies

For the strict energy play, URICA Asset Optimization can strategically align your facility operations with energy offer block submissions in the market. Energy offer levels can be smartly placed with respect to participant market conditions, commercial objectives, cost base, existing offers, and standing offers. Benefit from our proficiency to control your energy submissions, enabling competitive tactics and strategic placement of offers in all relevant timeframes.

Operating Reserves

URICA Asset Optimization helps clients take advantage of incentive programs in participant markets designed to manage system supply and demand based on scheduling and contingencies. Depending on facility configuration, facilities able to rapidly increase generation or reduce load on short notice, can access the Ancillary Services or Operating Reserve market.

URICA trades and sells options on behalf of clients for all available Operating Reserve products in Active or Standby for:

  • Regulating Reserves
  • Spinning Reserves
  • Supplemental Reserves

Procurement through URICA is executed on a day-ahead basis, with trading strategy based on performance objectives, approved volume and pricing limits, facility operational availability.

Peak Demand Management

Escalating transmission costs have become a sizable concern to electricity entities and require an active strategy to generate or shed load at peak demand periods. In Alberta, Coincidental Peak Demand (CPD) or Coincidental Metered Demand (CMD) events tie directly to distributed generation credits and transmission costs. In Ontario, Class A customers can reduce their Global Adjustment charges if they can reduce their consumption during the five peak demand hours of the year. If your facility qualifies, URICA’s Peak Demand Forecasting can activate your generation asset to maximize credits earned.

Available in 7x24x365 real time, URICA offers proactive Peak Demand monitoring and proximity notification service, allowing for facilities to pre-emptively integrate facility output with current operational strategies and asset optimization programs.

Transmission Must Run

Designed to preserve system reliability in local areas, Transmission Must Run (TMR) service is available for generation in AESO declared parts of Alberta with insufficient local transmission. Approved TMR generation is required to be online and operating at specific levels and is contracted to provide this service.

Let URICA Asset Optimization assess your facility suitability and help you qualify your generation asset. Our experts can notify you on any upcoming Requests for Proposals (RFP), prepare a comprehensive response and provide post-RFP correspondence.

Dispatch Down Service

To balance the effects of TMR service, the AESO allows generators, that otherwise expect their units to be idle, to voluntarily step out of the energy market for a determined period of time. Dispatch Down Service (DDS) provides approved generators a payment for reducing generation levels or dispatching off in proportion to the amount of TMR online relative to a reference price.

Contact URICA Asset Optimization to validate if your generation asset is eligible for DDS. Work with us for implementation of ongoing DDS offer placement strategy and performance monitoring.

Load Shed Service for Imports

The AESO has created a Load Shed Service for Imports (LSSi) program designed to increase available transfer capability on the Alberta-BC intertie while maintaining system reliability. Participants in the program agree to quickly reduce load following the sudden loss of imports over the interties.

URICA works with large load consumers with the LSSi Application and the technical installation of armable trigger systems. Ongoing management of the load shed dispatch process is provided, in addition to offer submission, armed volume management and trip events.

The LSSi program is exclusive for Large Load Electricity Consumers.