Providing independent commercial services for electricity generators and consumers.


URICA delivers professional independent Energy Management services to help our clients strategically manage risk and exposure related to the energy market. Since 1998 we’ve assisted energy clients in facility dispatch, asset optimization, portfolio management, and advisory services.

We specialize in providing commercial services for physical supply and price exposure for electricity and energy commodities.

Who We Serve:

  • Electricity Generation: COAL, NATURAL GAS FIRED, HYDRO, WIND & SOLAR
  • Large Consumers of Electricity
  • Natural Gas Entities

Our clients are based in Alberta, Ontario and across Canada, representing many different industries. Whether a generator or a high-use consumer, we provide valuable insight and support.

  • Power Generators
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Manufacturers
  • Energy Producers
  • Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Distributed Generation
  • Educational Institutions

Who We Are

URICA strives to protect and improve your bottom line through disciplined and effective energy management services. Our in-depth knowledge in deregulated energy markets allows us to bring exceptional value to our clients.

URICA takes no commodity or secondary position of our own. This ensures we are only motivated to optimize client profits and financial results by providing unbiased, independent service.

URICA complies with all AESO and IESO regulatory related requirements for provision of commercial services to multiple clients and establishes documentation, audit detail, and regular reporting to market regulatory entities to ensure ongoing alignment with anti-collusion regulations.

Facility Dispatch

  • 7x24x365 market order response and output instruction
  • Priority service
  • Significant cost savings
  • Unbiased and independent

Asset Optimization

  • Access to participant markets and programs
  • Customized strategic plans
  • Revenue optimization
  • Cost effective
  • Independent execution

Portfolio Management

  • Transparency, visibility and objectivity
  • Long-term value through our disciplined programs
  • Sustainable protocol and documentation
  • Freedom to focus on your core business
  • Alignment with corporate objectives

Advisory & Consulting

  • In-depth knowledge and experience
  • Leverage industry specific relationships
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Objective trusted advice

Leadership Team

The leadership team at URICA has earned a reputation for progressive and visionary energy management expertise. Clients appreciate URICA’S commitment to supporting their corporate objectives by identifying and quantifying exposure, and working to effectively strike the optimum balance between risk and reward.

Jason Beblow / President and Founder of URICA
For over 25 years, clients have been seeking Jason’s advice around energy portfolio management, energy trading, risk management, and business development. Known for his complete end-to-end understanding of the unique market aspects in the Alberta power industry, he also has extensive operational experience relating to domestic and international projects. He is notably respected as an industry expert, having served as an expert witness in multiple AUC proceedings. Jason holds a B.Comm from the University of Alberta and a MBA from the University of Calgary.

Miles Blakley / Principal, URICA Real Time
With an extensive background as an energy commodity trader, Miles has wide-ranging knowledge in trading and portfolio management in the Alberta, Mid-C and neighboring electricity markets. Having managed portfolio exposures for a large electricity retailer in Alberta, he possesses a detailed understanding of the physical Alberta power market, in particular the Ancillary Services and Operating Reserves market. Miles holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and a B.Admin in Finance from the University of Regina.

Tory Whiteside / Senior Consultant
Bringing an excellent blend of business and technical skills, Tory is a multifaceted Alberta energy sector professional spanning a breadth of areas including: energy trading, energy marketing, financial analysis, information technology, commodity pricing, risk management, contracts, retail electricity, and product development. Tory has a B.Comm from the University of Saskatchewan with majors in Production and Operations Management and Quantitative Analysis and Marketing.

Christopher Lee / Senior Analyst
Christopher is an energy industry professional with experience in both Electricity and Natural Gas markets. An analyst at heart, Chris has built and established his career through expert spreadsheet modelling, asset optimization, pricing, portfolio management, valuations, and market analysis. Christopher holds a B.Comm in Finance from the Haskayne School of Business, a B.A. in Economics from the University of Calgary, and a Diploma of International Trade from Mount Royal University.

Core Values

Integrity – URICA conducts business in an open, transparent, and authentic manner by consistently adhering to best practices, policies, legislation, regulations and ethical principles.

Innovation – URICA is engaged, resourceful, creative and responsive to our stakeholders and embrace an exploratory approach to problem-solving and a willingness to challenge status quo methodology.

Excellence – URICA delivers best in class quality services and specialized knowledge of commodity markets to exceed expectations through disciplined and efficient work effort.

Teamwork – URICA works cooperatively with stakeholders to produce a combined advantage that is greater than the sum of individual contributions.

Accountability – URICA is accountable and accept responsibility for our actions.

Continual Improvement – URICA strives for leading edge skills, knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of our business, committed to continual development by fostering and encouraging an environment of learning.

Compliance – URICA has, in place, compliance programs, policies and plans that have been filed with provincial regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with legislation, regulations, independent system operator (AESO and IESO) rules, reliability standards as well as the decisions and order of regulatory bodies. Our strict procedures and best-in-class programs and reporting to regulatory agencies in Alberta and Ontario work to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a manner that supports the fair, efficient and openly competitive operation of the market. Our ongoing compliance with industry rules and regulations at the highest possible levels ensures the integrity of your operations.